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The city, sprawled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, was the last stronghold of the Spanish Moors

 Their most spectacular legacy is the Alhambra, an astonishing palace complex whose Islamic decor and landscaped gardens are without peer in Europe.

 Explore the winding lanes of the Albayzin, the Arab quarter, and experience the modern energy of the city streets filled with  bars , bohemian tea shops and restaurants .

Or for a special treat spend some time in a hammam.

1hr 20 mins by car


The Mesquita alone is reason enough to visit Cordoba. Constructed over 1000 years ago, this huge multi-arched mosque is regarded as one of the worlds greatest Islamic buildings in the centre of which is a renaissance cathedral.

Lose yourself in the cobbled lanes of the medieval city nearby and enjoy the scent and colourful displays of the  flowers and patios.

1hr 15mins by car


The Picasso Museum Birth House contains one of the largest collections by the artist as well as numerous objects, childhood and everyday life memories of the painter

For foodies the Atarazanas food market is a treat for your senses.

1hr 35mins by car

Cazorla Natural Park

Craggy mountain ranges, canyons, waterfalls and abundant wild life, makes this  one of the most popular attractions for nature lovers in Jaen Province,

It is the largest protected area in all of Spain with a 20km long resevoir, nature trails and lush forest roads.

2hrs 40 mins by car


The huge Gothic cathedral dominates it's historic centre.

Home of tapas and Flamenco, the historic legacy lives on.

2hrs 15mins by car


Founded in about 1100 BC, Cadiz is probably the oldest settlement in Europe.

Columbus commenced two of his voyages from this ancient city port situated on a spit of land surrounded on three sides by water.

3hrs by car


Jaen, Baeza & Ubeda

The cities of Úbeda and Baeza , in the province of Jaén , were declared World Heritage Sites in 2003. Separated by just 10km of road, these two small Andalusian towns share a common history marked by Arab domination and the Reconquest. Their beautiful Renaissance monumental complexes made them worthy of UNESCO's distinction and justify a visit.

1hr 10 mins by car

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